The legendary VocaloP "DECO*27" has arrived!

The legend has arrived!!
The "DECO*27 Pack" has finally arrived! It has tracks from legendary VocaloP DECO*27, who has transcended the category of VOCALOID and become a major artist!
The tracks in this compilation have had over 1 million views on the famous online video site!!
With profound lyrics and catchy melodies, these are pop songs you're sure to love!
Not only are these tracks satisfying, they're also beginner-friendly! Anyone can enjoy playing them!
Even non-fans will be sure to enjoy the DECO*27 pack! Please give it a try!

■DECO*27 Pack Contents

  • Mozaik Role / DECO*27
    This legendary track has been played more than six million times!
    A powerful, heartfelt track with profound music and a strong message!
  • Yowamushi Mont Blanc / DECO*27
    This track is a full course that blends sweet with bittersweet in its music and visuals!
  • Ni Soku Ho Kou / DECO*27
    An intense, addictive track that skillfully contrasts fast and slow tempos!
  • Streaming Heart / DECO*27
    Not only is the music for this track blazing fast, but the game track is also a thrill to fly through at high speeds!

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The arcade version of "Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival" has arrived! Now with commemorative Avatar presents!

For details, check out the official Groove Coaster website!(
* Japanese Only

To commemorate the arcade release of "Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival", we're presenting you with a special "SHEEP" Avatar!

You can get it by going to SHOP→Avatar!

Introducing the "BLAZBLUE Pack"! Comes complete with a limited "ν-No.13-" Avatar!

Introducing the "BLAZBLUE Pack", containing all the tracks from the mega-popular arcade & console fighting game "BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA"!
This super steal of a pack even comes with a limited "ν-No.13-" Avatar as a bonus!

BLAZBLUE Pack Contents

    The main theme of "BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA"! A sure knockout with a frantic guitar and performance combo that heralds the start of a violent battle!
  • Rebellion / Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
    Ragna's theme track, "Rebellion"! Get fired up with this wild, powerful and piercing track!
  • Catus Carnival / Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
    Taokaka's theme track, "Catus Carnival"! An innocent track accompanied by a cute and thrilling performance!
  • Awakening The Chaos / Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
    ν-No.13-'s theme track, "Awakening The Chaos"! This sublime and wicked track shoots through your soul!

- Comes with bonus limited "ν-No.13-" Avatar!

"ν-No.13-" is a popular character who has been featured as the boss character in the early entries of the BLAZBLUE series. Enjoy the world of BLAZBLUE's tracks along with "ν-No.13-", making her descent as a 3D model!

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Introducing VocaloP legend Hinata Electric Works! Limited edition Avatar presents for everyone!

The first game version of tracks by legendary VOCALOID producer Hinata Electric Works!
Hinata Electric Works' vibrant and stimulating techno-pop is finally available in a game!
What's more, Hinata Electric Works personally supervised all track backing and even the fine details of object design!
We're also giving away special limited-edition avatars of "HITO", a well-known character to fans of Hinata Electric Works' music, to everyone who purchases a track!
Enjoy numerous tracks packed with explosive Hinata Electric Works originality along with a "HITO" avatar!

Hinata Electric Works Pack Contents

  • Buriki no Dance / Hinata Electric Works
  • Jibeta Travel / Hinata Electric Works
  • Andawa -GC remix- / Hinata Electric Works
  • Plastic Cage -GC remix- / Hinata Electric Works

With limited edition HITO avatars for all!

Buriki no Dance: Turning the world upside down, just like the character in the jacket image! Dance to the music!
Jibeta Travel: A full view of a track that slowly reveals itself! What secrets does this world conceal!?
Andawa -GC remix-: A track performance with a powerful message, showing an escape to the surface from underground!
Plastic Cage -GC remix-: A unique view of the world bursts onto the stage, with a heart locked in a cage, a topsy-turvy town and more!

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Arcade Pack 4 is now here!

The eagerly-awaited arcade tracks are finally here! Once again, a pack featuring popular tracks from GROOVE COASTER EX is available!

Arcade Pack 4 Contents

  • Lost Colors / Yuya Kobayashi feat. Ryoko Kuroda (IOSYS)
  • No more labor / Shouhei Tsuchiya feat. KOTO
  • Period of Revolution / COSIO

Enjoy a track that feels like you're getting lost in a huge maze with bopping female vocals! Check out "Lost Colors", where the backing steadily becomes more colorful in time with the lyrics!
"SPACE ARCADIAN", a track full of excitement that feels like a journey on a space ship with retro-futuristic, charming, techno-pop vocals!
"No more labor", a track with a performance that feels like flowers are blossoming in succession with stylish, clear vocals, guaranteed to calm you with its resort-like feeling!
"Period of Revolution", the must-see cool techno track, surging with a cyber feel that lets you experience the sense of diving into a fully synchronized electronic circuit!

See the SHOP for details!

Collaboration with TeddyLoid & New Track Pack Offer! Limited edition avatar "Dragon" also offered as a gift!

Groove Coaster Zero teams up with TeddyLoid, well known for producing tracks for and collaborating with a countless number of artists.
We will also be providing the "Dragon Slaying Pack", a bargain collection of tracks from all types of composers well known from fantasy RPGs! We will also be offering the limited edition avatar "Dragon" as a gift!

1. Groove Coaster Zero teams up with music producer and DJ artist TeddyLoid!

In commemoration of TeddyLoid's entirely original album "BLACK MOON RISING", released on Wednesday, September 17th, Groove Coaster Zero and TeddyLoid will be teaming up until Wednesday, October 1!
TeddyLoid is well known for producing music for and collaborating with a countless number of artists. You can play the track for "Black Moon Sympathy", his latest song, with the Event button in the top right of the PLAY Screen (track selection screen)!
The track for "Black Moon Sympathy" was completely overseen by TeddyLoid himself!
Enjoy the lyrical science fantasy world of TeddyLoid!
Players who are in the top 1,000 for this track's ranking at the time of the event's conclusion will receive 10 VISIBLE Items as a special gift!
"Black Moon Sympathy" will also be given free of charge to all players!
The track will still be available to play even after the event concludes!

Event ends: (JST)

2. Now offering the "Dragon Slaying Pack"! Chance to get the limited edition avatar "Dragon"!

Influential composers very famous for their work in fantasy RPGs including Mitsuto Suzuki, Takeharu Ishimoto and Naoshi Mizuta from SQUARE ENIX and IMERUAT have recorded original composed tracks for Groove Coaster!
Enjoy the vastly original tracks which highlight the styles of each of the composers!

Dragon Slaying Pack Contents

  • Maiami Sound Beats / Mitsuto Suzuki (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Under Control / Takeharu Ishimoto (SQUARE ENIX)
  • 終わらないグルーヴ / Naoshi Mizuta (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Flakes / IMERUAT

- Chance to get a limited edition of avatar "Dragon" for everyone!

We are now holding a campaign to give away a limited edition of avatar "Dragon"!
Play any of tracks from "Dragon Slaying Pack" and then post your score via Twitter or Facebook from the Ranking screen!

Campaign ends: (JST)

* How to get the "Dragon" avatar:
Purchase "Dragon Slaying Pack" -> Play any of tracks from "Dragon Slaying Pack" -> MENU -> RANK -> Select a track you just played -> Tap Twitter / Facebook icon (appeared in the lower right of the screen) -> Post your score (regardless of score earned)

About TeddyLoid:

At the age of just 18, after attending a world tour which toured around 13 different countries as MIYAVI's DJ and sound producer, TeddyLoid produced the OST for the GAINAX anime 'Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt' with ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo), formed the special unit "galaxias!" with artists Ko Shibasaki and DECO*27, did a "HATSUNE MIKU & TeddyLoid" collaboration only for 'COUNTDOWN JAPAN 12/13', did the sound production for Momoiro Clover Z's "Neo STARGATE", and was the guest performer at the 2013 SEIBU DOME TAIKAI. His music freely passes through not just the club music scene, but also the J-Pop, J-Rock and subculture scenes, serving as a hot topic.
On his official website relaunched on August 23, 2013, which happens to be his birthday, suddenly free monthly downloads of MP3s were available under the heading "BLACK MOON RISING".
However, all of the numerous enigmatic tracks, starting with an epic over 15 minutes long, the first ever in Electro House, were previews only.
In August 2014, his major debut EP, "UNDER THE BLACK MOON" was released.
A total of 5 songs including covers of The Rolling Stones were recorded on the one-coin CD, the invitation to the main volume.
He then revealed in September the concept work "BLACK MOON RISING" that would be his first ever album and clarified the whole story of the epic "Tale of the Black Moon".

- Information

2014.9.17 ON SALE

[Limited edition] (CD+DVD)
Price: 3,000 JPY+tax
[Regular edition] (CD ONLY)
Price: 2,500+tax
01. Inception
02. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
03. Black Moon Sympathy (Groove Coaster×TeddyLoid Special Collaboration Track)
04. Go Away
05. I Can't Stand Up Alone
06. Teddy Boy Strut
07. The Killing Field
08. 黒い月の女王のテーマ
09. Black Appolo Will Soon Take Off
10. White Out
11. Faded Pictures
12. Let The Muzik Play
13. Without You
14. Forever Love
00. Black Moon Rising

TeddyLoid Official YouTube Channel
TeddyLoid Official Site
TeddyLoid Presents BLACK MOON RISING

GROOVE COASTER original soundtrack will be out as the deluxe double CD!

Buy now!

ELECTRO/R&B/POP band "LastSecond" teaming up campaign & the new album "niconico Music Pack 8" release information!

GROOVE COASTER ZERO has teamed up with an internationally acclaimed ELECTRO/R&B/POP band "LastSecond"! In addition, the new album "niconico Music Pack 8" featuring the VOCALOID ™ songs enjoying popularity in the Nico Nico Douga has arrived!

ELECTRO/R&B/POP band "LastSecond" teaming up campaign!

GROOVE COASTER ZERO joins forces with the internationally acclaimed ELECTRO/R&B/POP band "LastSecond" formed by Brazilian Marcelo (Vo) and Japanese LEE (Dr) to produce the novel sounds generated from the combination of the worldwide booming EDM and ROCK/R&B.
During the event, all players can play the brand new song titled "The Party Has Just Begun". Press the event button in the upper right corner of the PLAY screen to try the track!
Players who are in the top 1,000 for this track's ranking at the time of the campaign's conclusion will receive 10 VISIBLE Items as a special gift!
"The Party Has Just Begun" will also be given free of charge to all players!
The track will still be available to play even after the event concludes!

Event ends: (JST)
Note: all listed times in Japan Standard Time.

The new album "niconico Music Pack 8" released!

The 8th Collection of Hit VOCALOID Tracks!

niconico Music Pack 8 Contents

  • ゴーゴー幽霊船 / 米津玄師
  • 嗚呼、素晴らしきニャン生 / Nem
  • 恋愛フィロソフィア / 黒うさP (WhiteFlame)
  • magician's operation / EZFG

About LastSecond:

Formed by Brazilian and Japanese members, Marcelo (vocals) and LEE (drums), the band is introducing unique electronic pop music to the world.
They joined one of the largest Japanese Brazilian music festivals called Festival Brazil 2012 and 2013 in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo and performed this year’s Festival Brazil 2014 as well.
They were nominated for the best band at the 2012 Brazilian International Press Awards and achieved a great success in their mini tours held in Akasaka BLITZ and EBISU LIQUIDROOM.
The band draws a great deal of attention of the EDM world by releasing of its debut EP "Survive" and its consecutive media exposure including overseas TV and radio programs.
Their new EP album "The Party Has Just Begun" released in June 2014 is now available on the iTunes Store.
The new music video of The Party Has Just Begun is produced by a New York-based art director Blake Farber who has worked with a variety of famous artists for producing the music videos. Their eyes are looking towards the global market.

LastSecond Official Homepage:

The long-awaited Music Pack finally appears for the Arcade Version fans!

The Groove Coaster (Arcade Edition) has powered up to Groove Coaster EX, and Arcade Pack 3 has arrived containing hit tracks from the arcade as below.

Arcade Pack 3

  • Satisfiction / t+pazolite
  • Five to Seven / Sampling Masters AYA
"Satisfiction", an arcade super hit track made many fans go crazy by the up lifting hardcore techno with far-out stage structure!
"SkyScraper", a track with a tricky brostep will make you feel you were to raid an enemy base in a science fiction movie!
A Drum 'n Bass line with a run through the air kind taste makes you feel a roller coaster acceleration "STAR COASTER"!
Such hot stage with strong-bone hard core rave and never ending climax touch, "Five to Seven"!

Mega Hits Pack Discontinuation Announcement

Today we announce that the Mega Hits Pack distribution will be shut down at 11:59pm on July 31.

Mega Hits Pack

  • Poker Face / Lady Gaga
  • Bad Romance / Lady Gaga
  • Party Rock Anthem / LMFAO
  • What You Waiting For? / Gwen Stefani

Service Ends:

Please note that the Mega Hits Pack won't be purchased after the above date.

* On and after August 1, 2014, players' high scores earned with Poker Face, Bad Romance, Party Rock Anthem and What You Waiting For? won't be added to the High scores(WORLD).

Note: All listed times in Japan Standard Time.

A new track composed by the popular VOCALOID composer Toma has arrived!

A new album "niconico Music Pack 7" is now available at GROOVE COASTER ZERO, which features the tracks composed by the popular VOVALOID compose Toma!

Niconico Music Pack 7 Contents

  • バビロン / Toma
  • ヤンキーボーイ・ヤンキーガール / Toma
  • アザレアの亡霊 / Toma
  • 魔法少女幸福論 / Toma

With his melody skillfully generated by the modulations and lyric coming from his unique world-view, you may bask in Toma's one and only music!

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